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pátek 27. října 2017

Meet Peter - the "NOT BROKEN MAN"

So I found him through a facebook. One of my friends advertised it and was looking for people to get involved. His name was Peter, a 73 year old man, who was selling magazines in the streets of Prague. I immediately felt sorry for this guy. He seemed to be so friendly and nice in his videos, yet you could see how much he is struggling. I decided something must be done about it. He said, he was living currently with another two guys in one room of an ubication. These two guys were lot younger, a heavy smokers, who kept playing the radio all night and banging the door whenever they left the room for a cigarette. That all kept him awake as you may imagine. He is an old man, who needs his privacy and quiet. He was very nice about all this, not REALLY complaining, but you could see how much he would just prefer to live some place quieter. He said even a tiny room would be fine, just about anywhere. A girl called Veronika noticed him as first, and she documented all this, taking an interview with him, and bringing some people from the magazine, to video them together. There were many people coming to him ever since, bringing him food, some clothes, spare change or just simply byuing his magazine. However, the main problem for him was still the acommodation and also, when we were looking for something more suitable, all the advertisments allowed only young people, girls or the rent was astronomical. He could only afford 4000 CZK max per month, as his retirement money was just the minimum, laughable 6000 CZK. When you imagine you should survive one month on 2000 CZK, it´s unimaginable. You would not be able to buy anything else. No clothes, no hygienic supplies, no medicine. That´s why I set up a foundation to raise some money. So far, in one day, I collected 1,100 CZK and I intend to raise much more, to have this money for Peter when he needs them. This way I would like to ask all my readers and visitors to this page, from wherever you are, if you could please support me in this matter. Here is the link:
we will be grateful for even the smallest help. I went to see him today. Me and my boyfriend brought him a bag full of clothes, bed covers, some books, coffee maker and jar of homemade coffee, flask for hot drinks and some money and meal vouchers. You should have seen his face. He could not believe it, and was in a state of shock for few minutes, then he covered his face and started crying. I have never seen such an emotional thing in my whole life. He kept thanking me and to God. He said "I have nothing to give you back, and you brought me so many things", so he gave me copy of his magazine which I took as a keepsake. I told him that if the Czech government can´t take care of him, we, people, will. I said, we won´t let him down. And I told him I will come back, as I will have some more support for him. He wasn´t able to speak, so much he was taken aback by all this. Poor man. We said goodbye and parted, me feeling shaken by this experience. At home, when I chatted to one of his magazine staff helpers, I was told that Peter had a very rough life. He lost his only son due to a car acccident and broke down for this. he got up again, but that´s probably why he is such a person now, giving people pleasure to be around him. His aura of goodness is very strong and inspiring. I hope we can make his life a little better, day by day, and erase sorrow from maybe more such man´s lives too. You say...."but it´s just one of the billion"...I what. Start with one and then carry on. Good things will start to happen. Believe in humanity and humanity will join you. At least we know, we are still human, when we feel for such people.

úterý 8. srpna 2017

Vassiliki, Lefkada

Trip to Vassiliki in Lefkada was my first taste of this iconic island so often talked about by others. It was last minute choice and I went with my Mum. Right after the arrival to airport in Lefkada, we were taken by one of the buses directly to our destination, which took about hour and a half. We drove through the main city and its bay, so interestingly conjoined to the mainland by a bridge that was opening up from time to time, to allow the seawater to pass through. In Vassiliki town, we were dispatched from our cozy bus seats and told by Klara (who was our tour guide in Samos several years ago), that residents of Rania and Leonidas hotels will have to take off their suitcases and transfer them onto the awaiting truck and then follow this truck towards their hotels, as the harbour was being in the process of reconstruction. We had to laugh at the image of us, dragging ourselves behind some smelly truck. So there we were, a group of about twenty people, swaying behind each other in almost a noon´s heat. Our truck was lacking far behind us and my mother realised that she put her bag with all documents and money on the driver´s seat, so when I reminded her that it was not very clever idea, she started panicking and looking for the truck, which was nowhere in sight. In the end, we found the truck , as we were steered by the owner of the hotel, who stood in the middle of the road and signalised which way to go.
loading our suitcases on a truck was a real challenge
Rania was  at the very end of Vassiliki  and sat on a top of a small hill,nicely overlooking part of the bay. We got very small room with very large balcony, neighbouring with famous Czech couple of actors. My Mum was so tired from the march of the death, that she kept saying things like „wash those breads“ (wash those dishes) or „I´m so tired from that train“. Our room was the size of a baby room with tiny kitchen (which was basically just a sink for two cups and a double cooker). The only plus was a large balcony, overlooking part of the sea and several roofs of other guest houses.
our view off the balcony was calming
After our arrival, we ventured into the town, to see what is hiding amidst those quiet little streets and were quite surprised to find neat boutiques, bakeries, artisan shops, coffee houses and jazz bars. On the other side, the surrounding of our guest house was slightly more isolated and the beaches were lining the road one next to the other, looking rather overcrowded. The furthest beach has lot of big stones and the access is almost impossible without shoes. We´ll try the middle beach tomorrow, but we´ll have to get up at 6 am to grab good positions!
the town promenade

We had a chance to make friends with our actor neighbours. The wife came to our flat and was very upset with the travel agency, as she had a kettle full of corosion. They bought a holiday for two weeks, and it almost seemed she would prefer to cancel the whole thing at once. Our Greek landlord, an older grey haired guy, owns a motorbike that appears to be made of wood. He keeps parking it in front of the stairs leading off the house, so we have to squeeze around it. In the evening we went to town at the end of promenade, where we had beef stifado and chicken souvlaki. The couple of young guys were serving us, but when we were about to pay, the guy came over asking us our names and shaking our hands, but then walked away, pretending we didn´t ask him for a bill. In the meantime, a fanciful piece of nature visited us,a multicolored cat with streeks of red, white and black all over its body and face, and kept sitting next to our table like the most well behaved dog. It took the staff to bring our bill another twenty minutes, which was quite frustrating. In the end, we got money returned and short of one euro. The waiter didn´t  ask for a tip. He just took it!!! The food was good, but this way of service will not bring us there ever again….


our multicolored friend
In the morning, we went to take a swim on the first beach, which is the best and also the most loaded with people since early hours. Its U shape allows only tens of people, as you would imagine. We sunbathed only until 1pm and then went home for lunch. It´s quite hot during lunch time, so it´s very easy to stay on instant soups until the evening, without going hungry. Me and Mum played Člověče nezlob se (man, don´t get pissed off), which is a table game of our childhoods. The deal was that the loser of first game will have to pay drinks at the swimming pool bar. Mum was the loser. I lost the second and third game, which made me a double loser and I was obliged to pay our dinner and prepare the breakfast next day. When we walked later to swimming pool, we met the actors again and chatted for a while, and when we continued, I managed to fall into a huge hole in the road and twist my ankle. I flew headlong through the air and of course fell pretty hard on my knee. With bleeding wounds all over my poor old body, we had to return home and attend to my multiple injuries. I felt like a five year old, being taken care of Mummy, who gave me plasters. Then we repeated the whole journey again, this time with me being more carefull and avoiding the gaps. We nested at Appolo pool bar, which was more or less a public swimming pool, where you could stay all day if you bought some drinks. It was great plan, as there were sunbeds, wifi connection, a glorious seaview, tasty drinks and not so many people. We tried non alcoholic Mojitos and Mythos beer.

In the evening we tested a new restaurant called Dolphin. It co-operated with our Czech travel agency, so they also had menu in our language, and although the waiter promised to give us discount, he didn´t, but we knew he was only using it as a marketing trick. We know these cheeky Greek people pretty well by now. I had Klefitiki and Mum had Rabbit stifado, both delicious. Full like two barrels of gunpowder, we made our way back home, where we chatted in the humid night air until 2 am and talked of our past live´s traumas.

Today we did the same routine, the beach – lunch – swimming pool (where we had to queue for a place), and then dinner of Gyros and a long walk along the coast towards the windsurfing beach resort, claimed by British tourists. This resort was separated by stony, unfinished road and it was literally a rich guy´s paradise for rich Brits who loved windsurfing. They had no little guest houses with corosive kettles here, that was for sure. This was a top luxury resort with 5 star hotels. The young Brits sat all around in bars and drank Heineken in unison. But to be honest, this artificially manmade town didn´t appeal to me as much as our „poor quarters“. At least we lived among the authentic Greek people and experienced the Greek life. That´s why people come to Greece after all, isn´t it?

Today after breakfast  that I made (yes, I lost in Člobrdo again!), we went straight to the swimming pool where was not a single soul. Then we went home for lunch, that I was making….and then we went to the middle beach with only couple of people. Right at the moment when I told my Mum that I wonder where our neighbours are, the actor´s wife just appeared in the water under our feet like a Lochness. We chatted for a bit, while her husband sat on their favorite bench. She then left and we continued sunbathing until we heard someone shouting from above „it´s prohibited to swim here!“, in a good humoured tone. It was our neighbour actor, trying to be funny. There was some Czech family next to us, a couple of naked lesbians and our Greek landlord. A quite nice bunch. Tired by the heat and exhausted by dehydration,  we dragged ourselves to the swimming pool once again, and quenched our thirst by cold Mythos. Then we decided to go for the best Calamari under the Greek sun, into the tavern called Aqua. The service was perfect, as the owner himself was parading among the tables and there were no spaces free, which is the index of quality. After our self indulging dinner, we took a stroll through the streets full of nice artisan shops. This was the first Greek town, where I haven´t seen the typical kitschy stuff and souvenirs, that can be seen elsewhere, which was total surprise. In the end we tried coconut and mango ice cream, sat on the promenade by the harbour and watched the busy night life.

Later on, at night, we were woken up by some loud Russian neighbours, who talked on their balcony until 3 am. Our actor neighbours had a balcony just above them, but either they were deaf and didn´t  hear them, or just didn´t bother making a fuss. I was ready to throw a saucepan at them if they have not stopped.

Today we went to our swimming pool. The Czechs are so calculative it hurts. As we noticed, most of them left their sunbeds occupied by their towels and books and other stuff, while leaving for several hours (to take a nap, to swim in the sea, to have a lunch etc.) only to block the places for others, who had to sit at the bar and wait for free bed. Typical small town Czech behaviour. Of course, the ones that sat at the bar today, were US! I had to cool down my temper by cold Fredducino, but when I lost my patience, I grabbed my stuff and just went and took over one of the beds. Nobody said a word to me. If they did, they would fly across the nearest wall! So this way we relaxed until 4pm and then returned home for late lunch consisting of instant soup. In the evening we went to Aqua for another great dinner experience, this time Musaka. The owner already noticed us, and gave us a warm welcoming smile. Mum finished herself off by a strawberry ice cream . At night the Brits had a disco party and whole of Vassiliki town had to listen to it. I had to prepare myself for yet another night of mosquito attacks. They only like my blood, Mum doesn´t have a single bite, while I´m like a victim of a machine gun shooting.

This day was almost the same like the others, except that in the evening we went to Aqua for another Calamari and were full halfway through. I left at least six calamaris on the plate, as I couldn´t even breathe anymore. I didn´t want to look like a poor tourist from Czech republic, who takes his leftovers into a doggie bag. I pretended I´m a rich globetrotter instead, and left everything on the plate (secretly calculating how much money I´ve just paid, and suffering in agony as a result).

Today was Hallelujah day. All Czech people left home as a new batch just arrived. The swimming pool was abandoned. We got two delicious homemade lemonade jars.
It was truly a relax, until the moment when my Mum noticed our actor neighbours on the bench and wanted me to take a photo with them. I was of course reluctant, as I didn´t want to intrude, but as we walked home around them, she forced me to come towards them and confront them. They promised the photo, but first of all, they invited us to a little goodbye party on their balcony in the evening, which we accepted.
The balcony party was great, as my Mum had a lot in common with actors in general. She used to work for the theatre and movie studios, so she knew a lot of famous people and could talk about them. We drank wine, laughed all night, they told us funny stories and so the time went by and then my Mother realised she still didn´t have her suitcase packed. We parted at 2 am and it was a hell of a morning, as my Mum was packing her stuff and none of our mobiles had a correct time setting. Fortunatelly my Mum didn´t sleep at all, so she woke me up just in time for the truck. By truck I mean the same truck that brought us here – we had to load our suitcases on it and follow it back through the town.
All in all, this trip was an amazing experience full of fun and nice people we´ve met, great food and swim. We avoided the big famous beaches of Lefkada, eventhough we had a chance to go there, but for us this time, it seemed like this is all we wanted.

As a courtesy of ALBI store, I´ve been using their travel products on this journey as shown in the photo. They came very handy indeed. Thank you ALBI for giving me such marvellous presents. Fr more info go on:

úterý 25. července 2017

Samos here we go again

This year´s decision to go to Samos island once again came suddenly and on the basis of my previous amazing holidays, although this time, we chose to go with a different travel agency, which might have been a little mistake, as we were soon to find out. TRAVEL PORTAL, who was selling tickets on behalf of leading Czech travel agent FISCHER made changes of dates after what I´ve already paid for it, and then I ´ve also received a text message from Fischer saying that I still owe them half of the sum, which was incorrect – Travel Portal owed them, not me. So, as you can understand, this holidays started off not so well and didn´t continue well either. I received yet another email saying that Fischer has to acommodate us in another building for one night but as a compensation we´ll obtain one day´s car rental for free plus room with a seaview. I was upset at first, but negotiating pros and cons, I decided it´s not as bad, considering that we wanted to rent out the car anyway. So I agreed. After our arrival to Kokkari, we were placed into a different hotel indeed, which was according to Fischer „closeby building“ in reality…approximately 600 metres away down the road, which is not exactly closeby. The hotel Athena seemed nice and had a spacious swimming pool with bar and music, which we really appreciated and went to test out immediately. After that we headed to our meeting with agent Stepan and other two ladies, who were also misplaced from their hotel and suffered similar fate. When I entered KOKKARI BEACH HOTEL lobby, I thought I was having a nightmare. They were just discussing that we are no more entitled for a car rental as promised, that this would apply only to the guests who would have stayed in relocation for up to two days. I was about to jump out of my skin. We got an offer to accept a free air conditioning or free fridge instead (that you should pay for using a fridge was never mentioned in any materials, and I never paid before for using a fridge in any hotel EVER!)
 Also, instead ot dinning out in Stathis restaurant as stated in the documents, we had to eat in the beach bar across the road. I wanted to scream and shout, but I knew that the poor travel agent didn´t know what else to do and it wasn´t his fault. We agreed to accept everything, as we were tired of one hour´s sitting in the lobby and discussing something we could no longer influence. We then decided to take a stroll in the biggest midday heat around the town. When we were walking through the streets, I encountered George and up in town I heard someone calling me out from the bar, a strange familiar voice, but could not phathom who it was, as he had black glasses on his eyes. Of course it was Manolis, who else. We greeted each other like two old friends  with few hugs and kisses, while I introduced him to my boyfriend. We promised to stop by for few beers later on. It was so incredibly hot that we had to move into the shadow and buy an ice cream, which didn´t taste as good as I remembered. Certain things have simply changed for worse. Or maybe you just notice things you wouldn´t notice at first, and maybe you have a sober eye seeing the same place for second time. Some houses have been renovated, there were few new restaurants and bars…but some things stayed the same, which was comforting. For example The Sea wolf was still sitting on his chair in front of his museum that nobody has been visiting. Also the house that me and Sylva planned on buying and turning into a motel, has been bought by some older people and turned into a new household with granny on the porch.
our Kokkari beach hotel 

Greek yoghurt with honey
Spaghetti with meatballs
Ater the walk, we went for a dinner, which I thought will be another catastroph, but it was actually very tasty. The name of the place was SAMIOTISSA and they were to prepare our dinners for the rest of the stay. We got a big platter with fresh greek salad with caparis, feta cheese and bread, plate of delicious butter beans in herb sauce, spaghetti with homemade meatballs and big portion of greek yoghurt with honey. 
Samiotissa bar

Then we took a refuge on the beach beds while watching the sunset and high tide. The next day was our moving day to Kokkari beach hotel, but we would have to wait until 12 o´clock to move out and of course, carry our heavy suitcases  to our new destination. This was not worth any air conditioning under the sun!
Kokkari sunset
I had a big shocking surprise in my suitcase in the morning. A huge ugly spider. Jaime had to beat him to death with my flip flops and then threw him to the hungry ants, who carried him away within half an hour. After this was our first time swim in the sea, which was great – at least for me. There were extremely huge waves. After the cooling, we went to move our stuff to Kokkari beach hotel, where we were met by a very unpleasant receptionist, who wanted vouchers from us and which of course I couldn´t find (after moving and removing my stuff due to our stay in a different hotel), and when I complained about us not getting our proper compensation, she hurriedly and very aggressively responded that it´s not her business. Well lady, if it´s not your business, I will soon make it your business, wait and see, I thought to myself. Sweet old Maria from Christina hotel, she treated her customers with care and love. Incomparable. We went on to take our breakfast, which was total disappointment and disaster. I really could not believe how this hotel could ever get a Trip Advisor award, as the breakfast was the shittiest on planet earth. There was no fruits, no water for drinking. Just very meager , basic and cheapest stuff and what´s worse, this was to repeat without any spark of imagination for another 8 days. I wouldn´t need to be an Einstein to prepare much richer breakfast for my clients if I was the owner. It´s not about money, it´s about using your fantasy. Instead of serving hundred boiled eggs every day, I would prepare half of them boiled, half of them scrambled, or fried. Instead of serving stupid offensive tomatoes and olives, I would excite people with juicy oranges or slices of chilled melon. Instead of disgusting plastic salami I would use the hard Greek salami. And I absolutely don´t understand, why a country like Greece, where oranges grow on trees on every road, can´t replace that artificial, cancerous sugary thing for some fresh juice. Only small changes would do. But this was total blasphemy. While people should be looking forward to their first meal of a day, I´m sure 99% of them would rather prefer to stay in their bed. Thank god this bad impression was slightly redeemed by Samiotissa, who served us decent Stifado and Musaka. After our disillusionment we went to use the swimming pool and in the afternoon I showed Jaime a hidden beach behind the town, where the sea is much quieter. In the evening I had to cultivate myself, as we headed downtown to see Manos, who was very happy to see us again. He welcomed us with couple of drinks on the house and plenty of side complimentary peanuts and melon slices. Manos is purely the best man on the islands, they should make him a saint!!!!  While I was having Sangria, Jaime tasted his first Ouzo and tried to compare it to the Colombian Aguardiente, which is similar in taste. Manos always stopped for a little chit chat between serving his customers. It was so nice to see him after five long years. He is like one of the island´s own characters, he just belongs in this pictoresque village like a cartoon character. When we were leaving the main square, I noticed there were lot less tourists than what I remembered from my previous trip. Maybe it was generally the situation in Greece, or the refugees. Hard to say.
at Manos´s bar having some drinks with old friend
This morning after our „amazing breakfast“ we ventured for a little peek of the local church where was not even a single soul, only few lonely cats lying in the dust of its shadow. Then we continued to walk towards the promenade and its little lighthouse, where we discovered two little kitties with nothing else but bowl of water. I returned there with a can of cat food and two pieces of bread stolen from our lunch at Kokoras, to feed them. Then we went to Terco´s beach (called after me, as I love the waves), where we spent all noon until lunch and then, naturally, had lunch in our „canteen“, where I had to repeat yesterday´s success of Taramasalata. Pure heaven! Afterwards we went to Jaimito´s beach (called after him, cos he hates big waves), and after beaches of all Kokkari, we used our swimming pool dripping with chlorin. We also went to try beautiful CAFE DEL MAR, which is the beach where me and Sylva spent our glorious star lit night in the company of one Metaxa bottle. This time we sat in the luxurious sofa with satin curtains and pillows like queen and the king.
Cafe del Mar´s VIP guests 
Everybody keeps asking Jaime where is he from. I think he is the first Colombian in Greece ever to be seen! One Albanian in Kokoras restaurant asked him, and with his bad English wanted to know how long we travelled, but instead he asked us how much days you travel? So we answered for 8 days. He was little bit shocked and kept repeating „eight days, eight days, wow!“ Well, we haven´t travelled eight days, if that´s what you mean, we only came here for eight days.
Otherwise we´ve been seeing the fires for second day now, there is a smoke coming out of one of the mountains and there were two planes crossing the skies constantly, trying to put out the fire (while I mistakenly thought they were planes taking tourists). We are planning to rent a car tomorrow. The statue of Angelique de Plesibellieu disappeared from the front of the shop and „Smelly“ shopkeeper has gone too, being replaced by some younger woman. So many changes. I think I preferred the old Samos.

So the very next day, we went to borrow our new car. The very nice owner of the rentals asked Jaime where is he from, and after learning he´s from Colombia, he and his wife both oooh and aahed over it, and said „we never saw any Colombian here before“, obviously seeing it as a rarity. We got a lovely blue Suzuki Celerio and drove straight to Samos city.
The town was quite expansive and hot. I didn´t like it so much, as the buildings seemed to look more like war bunkers . I guess I´m spoiled by beautiful architecture of Corfu. The only nice place was the main square and a church near the park. It was too hot to continue walking through the maze of streets, so we returned to our car to refill some water and then drove towards Pythagorion, which is a home town of famous philosopher Pythagoras.
Samos- catholic church

Samos city from above

There was a very beautiful castle with ruins on the clifftops overlooking the wide sea with cruising regatas. You could also see the short stretch of airport on the other side of the quay, near the Potokaki beach. There was also a little tower Logothetis with museum Lykourgos but the entrance was closed. We walked down the quiet street to have a lunch in even more quiet Pepinos tavern, where we had pizzas and cold coke in the shade of the marquee, watching the planes crossing the sky above our head every ten minutes.

There were many boats on the main promenade and lot of wind, so we turned on the heel and went back to our car, heading for Platanos, a little village placed on the top of the mountains, where me and Sylva went for a trip five years ago as well. We just had a bottle of coke, and then continued through Karlovassi, where was a beautiful gigantic church in Spanish style, but closed again. Then we drove further along the sea drive where I wanted to see Manolates, which was so much often mentioned mountain village. The little forest road took us higher and higher, it seemed like never ending spiral and I felt almost like in some Colombian jungle, enveloped with trees and bushes. The view was breathtaking. There was only few cars and a tiny bar serving some snack and drinks, but otherwise completely quiet and peaceful. We could see the not so distant silhouette of Turkish coast shimmering on the horizon. After this we returned down the road and drove to Lemonakia, another closeby beach. And then just back in time for dinner.
Manolates mountains



Pythagorio´s streets

Yesterday we relaxed on Terco´s beach with enormous waves and then took off to the swimming pool with all those annoying German children that splashed the water all around like epileptic whales. We went for lunch to KOKARION, which must bet he best gyros place in town and we had a big portion of gyros with pita,chips,salad and tzatziki dip. Really heart warming food. Nothing unusual didn´t happen to be marked upon, however, when we went for dinner, we were slightly worried, as we both wrote our bad reviews on the hotel. We hoped they didn´t spit into our food, as this tavern was part of the hotel. One of the waitresses approached Jaime during the day and asked him if his name is such and such, and when he obligingly confirmed, she said „well thank you for your words“ Which, of course, was a sarcastic and stupid remark. If they really cared about our opinion, they would have said we are sorry that you don´t feel happy with our service, and is there a way to make it better? None of this followed, so we only continued to believe that our presence strongly disturbed them. The young waiter brought us a food and when I asked what it´s called in Greek, he said it´s called Musaraki. Now, I´ve never heard of such a name, therefore I was naturally very suspicious. I checked it later online and there was not a single mention of similarly sounding Greek dish. Also, the girl laughed hysterically when he was telling me this. The real name was probably Kleftiki or Stifado, one of those. In the evening, we took a stroll along the promenade and sat down in Poquito, a new beach bar where was already a musician playing on his saxo some latin tunes. Some crazy drunk British girl was dancing all the time, which was quite funny to watch. It was nice relax, to drink few wines, listen to jazz and latino and watch the waves crashing on the shore.

pescadas for dinner

our travel route we took around the island
Next morning I took my own bunch of grapes to the breakfast hall, quite provocatively. So what. If the mountain doesn´t come to Muhammed, then Muhammed must come to the mountain. Easy. I don´t remember much of the day, except that we swam and swam some more and then went to have a drink in the balcony, watching the sunset.
I have to say, I´m not disappointed with Samos or Kokkari, it´s still that same old beautiful town that it used to be five years ago. But people can sometimes ruin the whole image, or how you feel about your stay. I wish there were less ignorant receptionists whose only response to your commentary is something like: „by the way, the rude receptionist is also the owner of the hotel and we do our best!“….well, sweetheart,actually  you should be rather ashamed to claim that you are the owner. Having a receptionist who doesn´t greet you or smiles at you, or barely opens her mouth when you walk by, or isn´t simply there at all, when you need her….that´s not the best first or lasting impression you want to enchant your customers with, is it now? For me, this crappy hotel deserves no positive feedback due to its bad customer service and here, as I promised to myself, I will not leave stone on a stone, to make sure this bad service doesn´t repeat. My blog is a good way to warn many readers and travellers from likes of such unconcerned hotel staff.
Despite all this, our holidays was nice and we didn´t let anyone to spoil it. But next time, Christina hotel will be the safe bet!

Adios amigos, next time from Lefkada 
yours Teri